Discount For Cash Offer.

Saturn Industries Ltd. (SURQ)
Domicile: Nevada.
Year Incorp.: August 1972,
Authorized shares: 100,000,000 at $0.001 par value.
Issued and outstanding: 2,991,880.
Deliverable: 2,400,000 + Debenture = 99.8%.
Shareholders: 200+ LIST AVAILABLE
Public float: 591,880 shares
Convertible Debenture (assignable): $50,000 @ $0.001 + warrant @$1.50
Last trade: SURQ $1.30.
Piggy back qualified
2 market makers

Note: All Public float shares were sold between 1.25 - $1.50

Non Reporting, no deficiencies. Can trade on OTCBB in approximately 45-60 days.


SURQ had a business in it in 2008 and traded.

The $50,000 debenture unit is included and assignable and can be converted to free trading shares at any value above $0.001 plus 1 warrant/share @ $1.50.

The principals of SURQ are looking to sell the company for cash. A sunstantial cash with share offer will be considered. Asking price is $120K. Offers welcome.

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