Presenting an opportunity for a strategic acquisition to capitalize on multiple key value drivers of the subject company. Acquiring a geographic footprint in the Bay Area opens the door for direct access to new marketing channels, key industry players, an ever-present world class technological center with its constant need for high quality personnel and more.

The businesses key value drivers are expressed as highly developed candidate search capabilities from many decades of service, many long-term in-house recruiters with industry knowledge, high profile geographic presence on the west coast and repeat clientele. Profitability in this industry is margin-driven and margins depend on efficiencies. The business boasts of above average margins.

Company focuses on temporary placement of highly qualified personnel in Architecture, Engineering, Medical device mfg., Contract mfg. and many others. Many clients are start-ups which require trained technical staff until they have grown to a significant size and become more self-sustaining. Other clients will return year after year as business requirements change, many of whom have well over a 6-year history with the subject company.