Professional Supply Teacher Recruitment Agency.
Nursery/Primary-Secondary Schools.
Ref. CE222.
Location : North East England
Asking Price : £300,000
This business is one of the market leaders in the area. An independent agency based in the North East region of the UK, the company supplies qualified supply teachers to schools and colleges in the region covering the cities of Newcastle, Sunderland and surrounding areas. The company operates to high quality standards with excellent systems and procedures in place and is fully involved in local government issues.

The company was founded some 20 years ago and is rooted firmly in the need to ensure that the supply teachers contribute to the quality and continuity of education in schools.

Education issues are at the very heart of the region’s future development and this business is at the forefront of initiatives to improve education standards.

This company will provide a good entry level into this popular sector for an established agency or newcomer. Excellent and experienced staff are employed for their knowledge and have either a recruitment or educational background. This has helped to build the reputation of trust it has with Head Teachers and the L.E.A.s for providing good people/staff for schools.

Recommended by many, a significant number of primary and secondary schools have retained the Company over the years as a key resource and it has some 20 regular clients who use its services on a regular basis. These clients are the local education authorities.

The vendor has extensive knowledge and has firmly established links with a strong network and contacts in the business community that give the opportunity of working with the LEA’s, Head teachers, Supply co-ordinators and their wider community to assist in planning decisions, which affect the future of learning and education in the region.

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