This profitable wholesale feed manufacturer for sale is well-branded and highly respected in its field. It is a second generation owned company that is well-known for high quality feeds and excellent customer service. Its clients are large swine and cattle farms, veterinary clinics, animal health companies, and feed companies throughout Indiana.

The company for sale manufactures and sells its own brand of swine and cattle base mixes, mineral mixes and premixes, provides private labeling for customers, and distributes supplier and customer products. Additionally, it provides complete, balanced bagged food for companion animals. The wholesale feed manufacturer has the ability to provide the individual nutritional service needed for its livestock customers to get ahead in this highly competitive industry.

New growth could be seen by having a more aggressive field presence and through utilization of technology in sales and marketing. Additionally, a new owner could easily continue company growth by pursuing the dairy market.

The real estate valued at $450,000 is available for purchase. The facility is approximately 9,200 sq. ft. on 2 acres of land.

With a great foundation established over many years of service, this wholesale feed manufacturer for sale is a real opportunity for an established animal health company to move into feed manufacturing. It is also a great strategic acquisition by a synergistic buyer or a large livestock producer looking to better control its feed cost and provide the same to others in the industry.