This is a very profitable, well run trucking and warehousing business that has been operating in NJ and the surrounding metropolitan area. Its location is close to the port of NJ, which makes it a top trucking location. The seller has a wealth of experience in the industry.

The primary focus of this business is to transport customer merchandise from port to warehouse. The company has a fleet of 12 trucks and 15 chasses. All of the trucks are well maintained by a mechanic on premises and five of the chassis are newly purchased.

An additional source of income is customer warehousing storage. Another plus for this business is its comparative low warehouse rental costs. This increased revenue and lower expense combination provides a distinct competitive advantage.

Due to the specific niche this business occupies in the marketplace, both revenue and cash flow have ramped up dramatically in a short period of time.

This company’s goal is simple “To provide outstanding customer service by delivering on time merchandise from port to warehouse.�?

What sets this business apart from others is its stellar reputation for providing this outstanding service to its steady clients.

A savvy buyer will be able to take advantage of this firm’s strong foundation, marketplace niche and stellar reputation A plan to continue and expand this dramatic growth may include an aggressive sales and marketing campaign.

The ideal buyer will be a larger company/competitor whose five-year-plan includes an acquisition or a private equity group who recognizes the dramatic growth and profitability potential and can provide the resources for it to expand.

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