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Jul 20, 2016Evidence is mounting about the potentially harmful health effects of the pervasive, invisible electronic “smog" in which we live. PROTXS meets the demand for an effective, affordable and holistic solution that protects adults, children, pets and sensitive electronic devices against this WiFi/EMF radiation.

Under this 10-year, statewide exclusive distributorship agreement, the holder will be able to develop wholesale accounts, retail channels, and offer PROTXS to New Mexico consumers through internet and direct sales. PROTXS will provide eye-catching packaging, branding, educational videos, marketing literature and personalized website landing pages. In addition to the low cost of entry, the annual royalty fee is 6% and the holder will have the option to renew for an additional 10 years at the end of the first term.

PROTXS is an advanced product that protects users from harmful WiFi/EMF radiation. The scientifically developed trade secrets upon which it is based have been medically tested and documented for effectiveness. PROTXS outperform competing technologies.

The World Health Organization declared that cell phones are a Class IIB Carcinogenic Hazard, similar to lead chloroform and engine exhaust. Wi-Fi/EMF radiation is associated with headaches, fatigue, forgetfulness, Lyme disease, nausea, Tinnitus, high blood pressure, muscle aches and a host of other serious, persistent health problems.
Developed and manufactured in the United States, PROTXS offers a cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution. PROTXS’ advanced technology is based a proprietary blend of natural products that reflect and absorb electromagnetic noise for a one-meter radius. The slim design adheres to the back of handheld electronics, laptops and computers to shield user from this harmful invisible radiation as well as sensitive electronic devices. Its lifetime is virtually unlimited. Testing has proven that it works as effectively in the third year as it does on the first day.

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