Laser treatment is rapidly gaining acceptance by medical and health care professionals as a superior treatment methodology. Thousands of clinical research studies suggest this new technology may help to Reduce Pain ... Reduce Inflammation ... Increase Cellular Energy ... and to possibly help your body heal faster - with absolute safety, and zero risk of side effects! The FDA has recently approved Qlaser 1000, a low-level light treatment for treating Osteoarthritis of the hand on an over-the-counter basis. Perhaps the most effective low level lasers in the world have been invented by Dr. Larry Lytle. He has studied low-level lasers and human health for decades, and Dr. Lytle is, without question, one of the most knowledgeable people in the world about low-level lasers and how they can be used Dr. Lytle believes (as do many other health care professionals) low-level laser therapy will become the medicine of the future because from a healing standpoint, it is quite possible it is more effective than drugs or surgery.For many people, low-level laser therapy is not just medicine of the future ... it is what they use NOW.The QLaser Distributorship is an opportunity to:1) Help people suffering from pain with an in-home hand-held device that is FDA Approved, safe, affordable, and effective, without the side effects from drugs.2) Provide you and your family with unmatched income for performance, with a scalable business model that can be home-based, to a large multi-employee business. 3) Provide you the luxury and assurances of being your own boss, setting your personal and professional goals and rewards.4) Distributors are not required to carry any inventory, as all products sold can be drop shipped directly to the customer. However, some distributors choose to carry a limited inventory for customer convenience.

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