The Company operates two full-time commercial radio stations serving the area; one is a “classic country” station (accounted for 52% of 2016 sales), and the other is an “oldies” station (48%). Almost 100% of the stations’ programming is originated locally, and each station features live personalities with local news and sports reporting for the listening audience. All of the Company’s revenues are derived from radio broadcasting services for local and regional advertisers.
The Company has over 900 customer profiles in its database, and approximately 682 recurring clients accounted for 75% of 2016 revenues. Most customers are local retail stores, automotive dealers, and financial institutions. The Company’s top 10 customers in 2016 accounted for 35% of total revenues, and the largest customer for only 10% of revenues.
The Company operates from a 3,500-square foot office, as well as a 500-square foot transmitter site. It is currently staffed by 8 full-time and 14 part-time employees.

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