This is a great work-from-home business. The owner is the one who keeps everything together. She does inspections, site verifications, as well as other chores including the inspection of work performed. She has crews to do the heavy work such as yard maintenance and snow removal.

This company has been in business for over 12 years. It started out as gangbusters and continued on for several years. For the past couple of years both husband and wife owners have had family members who have had worsening health conditions and therefore they decided to slow down so as to be able to spend more time with these family members. They began terminating agreements with smaller clients and are now down to their biggest clients. Amazingly, owner discretionary income remains at the same level but the workload is lighter. They say that there are many older customers who would like to come back on-board so a new owner with more time should be able to attract a good number of those clients back into the fold.

This is an established business with an excellent reputation in the area. They have experienced personnel servicing a growing and loyal customer base by offering quality services.