May 21, 2013This Discount Sale-Buyback Offering Is Better Than A Mortgage And Yields A Safe 26.9% IRR.

This type of transaction allows a buyer to purchase an asset at well below its current market value. A repurchase option at a higher price that is also well below current market value is granted to the seller. This arrangement gives the buyer:

1. The safety of being quite certain that the seller will repurchase the asset because, if the option is not exercised, the seller will be walking away from substantial equity in the asset (which will inure to the buyer)..

2. A significant return when the option is exercised.

3. The knowledge that if the option is not exercised, the buyer will not have to foreclose as title is vested in the buyer when the original transaction is closed.


Appraised value: $6.000.000

Sales Price: $2,200,000

Repurchase price: $3,300,000


1. Seller will deliver the land free and clear of any encumbrances

2. Parties will enter into a development lease providing for appropriate release provisions.

3. During ownership the Seller will pay any expenses pertinent to the land such as Insurance and Taxes.

1.Buy 710 zoned/permitted acres at a famous four season New England ski resort -- appraised at $6million+ ---- for only 2.2M

2. Comes with a Buy-Back option for 3.3million to be exercised in or within 60 months.

3. A development lease with release payments of $75,000 (anticipated sales at 12 per year). On this schedule the initial investment is returned in appropriately 30 months and the 1.1 million profit comes back in the next 14 months.

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