This growing company has experienced a 30% increase in gross sales over the past five years.
Over five hundred different manufacturers of occupational health and safety products are sold and distributed by this company. They stock and sell a full line of safety equipment and supplies. Some of the products include: gloves, glasses, ear plugs, absorbents, back supports, boots, breathing filters, chemical suits, dust masks, first aid kits, flashlights, gas detection devices, shoe covers, coveralls, and many more. Over 3,400 SKUs are on their line card.
They provide a full line of safety equipment and supplies to large industrial and distribution customers, utilities and service companies, construction companies, and a small contingent of industrial supply resellers. The company has a Quasi-Master Distributor relationship with a number of its manufacturers.
They purchases products directly from manufacturers, and from several companies who import low-end items. Much of the revenue is generated from the sale of programmed stock items with approximately one-third of gross sales derived from special order non-stock items. There are over 3,700 customers in their files.
Motivated Seller is seeking a strategic buyer. Key, long-tenured management in place.
Buy-side engagement. Buyer will pay a Finder’s Success Fee at closing.

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