We are the future of the salon industry. You provide an upscale beauty complex for salon professionals to operate their own salon without them having to invest capital, manage employees or deal with the challenges of a traditional salon. They become loyal long-term tenants.

We offer a truly semi-absentee business, with no employees, very few moving parts, which only requires about one day per week to manage once built and leased. You are in the salon industry, but not in the salon business.

This is a business-to-business model where you become a landlord to tenants in the health and beauty industry who own and run their own businesses. You need no experience in real estate or in the salon industry.

Cash Investment (Liquid): $250,000 Maximum Investment: $955,000 Minimum Net Worth: $1,000,000 Average # of Employees: Generally None

Territories available throughout Western Canada on a case by case scenario