This 78 seat restaurant has a 30’ bar with 17 stools and 8 seats, a 42 seat dining room, a glass solarium and a separate 28 seat party room for special events.

This business has been open since 2007. It’s original name and theme was transferred to a nearby restaurant the owner recently purchased. The new theme/cuisine of this business is “Northern Italian” serving 19 types of traditional pasta.

Explanation…The Owner purchased a larger restaurant nearby and transferred the name of his first restaurant to the new location because he needed more room to do the $23,000/week in sales he was doing here. You know this much…a new Owner has the assurance the kitchen, the seats, the parking area and the location can do a lot of business..

This business is located in an area with some of the finest restaurants in this part of the city.

The hours of this location are 12:00 to 3:00 and 5:00 to 10:00 Tuesday through Sunday They are closed Mondays. A manager supervises the restaurant with 4 other full timers and 5 part timers. The equipment is adequate to do a lot more business then they are currently doing and is included in the price. Sales are averaging +/- $10,000 per/week at the present.

The location and equipment is capable of supporting almost any kind of operation.

The restaurant has +/- 3,640 s.f.. Base rent is $5,520/mo plus CAM (common area maintenance) charges of +/-$1,400 for a total of $6,920/mo or $22.81 psf.

There is 1 year, remaining in the current term plus 2 - 5 year options for a total of 11 years. Rent increases 4% every year. Any additional time would require additional options negotiated with the landlord.

This is a good location for almost any concept. Fill out the Confidentiality Agreement and make an appointment to visit this business.

Interested buyers MUST sign our Confidentiality Agreement and Questionnaire before any additional information is received. Forms are available at this Listing on our website from the link in front of the pictures, or will be e-Mailed to you upon request. Detailed financial information showing ability to purchase may be required before a meeting or conference call is scheduled.