This very respected, reputable, 40 year-old manufacturer produces proprietary production machinery for a specific industry. Sells sophisticated machinery to over 50 plants in North America. Machinery known for superior engineering. Machinery sells in range of $30K to $200K with $60K average sales price. Company has few, but talented, employees and is non-union.

Located in 25,000sf building owned the family and leased to Company. Excellent production plant equipment.

Consistent sales averaging over $4MM with adjusted EBITDA of $800K before owner's salary.

Opportunity exists for more sales-oriented owner, however, engineering-type owner to eventually replace the retiring second generation owner would be preferred. Ideal buyer would be a sophisticated equipment manufacturer wanting to diversify or expand their offering. Or, seller would prefer small buyer group or individual that has the experience and talent for operating an "engineering-type" manufacturing environment. Owner willing to stay for indefinite period of time to help transition the Company or to remain in consulting role. For the right fit, owner prepared to be very reasonable and flexible.