We have a 1,280 acre prospect located within a northwest to southeast pooling trend in northeastern Logan County, Kansas. There are 4 wells within 1/2 mile of this property that produced more than 30k barrels of oil in their first year of production. There are more than 10 proven pay-zones within 2 miles of the Savannah 380 property with cumulative production in some cases reaching over 250k barrels and still producing. Our geophysicist has sited 6 more primary locations with multiple secondary locations within the boundaries of this prospect. The primary lease term is active for another 7 months and leases have a two year option to extend as well. Landowner royalties range from 15-18% and there are no overrides assigned to third parties. The original investment prospectus is available for review that gives a detailed outline of the area and its potential. Serious investors will be allowed to view seismic data after signing a non-disclosure agreement.

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