The SNC has emerged as the largest Latin American network in the retail nutritional supplements with over 70 stores - 17 states - in operation in Brazil. Since its founding in 1991 as a pioneer in the segment, it has positioned itself as constant market leader, bringing to Brazil innovation and the culture of "Sports Nutrition". The SNC introduced in 2001 a line of exclusive own products, as well as opening the market for the franchising system, as the only franchisor in the sector in Brazil. Today's consumer cares for your health. He wants to feel good want to live more, want to be fit and looking good. According to studies conducted in 40 countries, increasingly spend a larger share of income to beauty and health. Driven by a growing demand, the explosion of the market if food supplements and vitamins now affects 17.4 billion dollars worldwide. The operation of a CNS unit is dynamic and does not require special skills of the franchisee, thanks to support and training promoted by the franchisor. A CNS unit also allows the franchisee growth and quick return, which led to some franchisees to open up space of time. Each franchisee can operate a maximum of 3 stores and should be subject to prior approval to enter the system. The SNC Franchise provides full support to franchisees, with central purchasing and negotiations, commercial point selection, standardized control Software, Training for franchisees and employees, Support HR 0800 for clients, training manuals and operation, standard architectural profile, uniforms and promotional material. Comfort and convenience: "The store is delivered to the franchisee assembled and ready to operate" Investment: Franchise Fee: $ 25,000 to R $ 35,000; Initial Inventory: R $ 50,000 to R $ 70,000; Advertising fee: 1% Gross Sales; Installation: R $ 45,000 to R $ 104,000; Gross monthly revenues: R $ 52,000; Royalties: 2.5% Gross Sales; Return time: 12-24 months Number of employees: 2-4 Contract Period: 5 years;