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Nov 29, 2018This Company is a software provider and IT consulting services since the mid-1970s for the manufacturing industry. They have around 30 clients that they currently service. This Company has an IP for ERP software in this niche market. This ERP provides a lot of flexibility/customization in terms of implementation to meet the diverse needs of the industry. The company implements this offering to the manufacturers' industry in the MTO, ETO, CTO, and Mixed mode industries. This Company is the sole developer, Implementer and support team of its product; ERP which is currently offered as an “on-premise” business software solution. Plans are underway to move ERP to the cloud with Oracle.

The company provides the ERP solution and then go into service mode with all of their customers.

The ERP software is designed to organize the manufacturing process. The system enables the development of monitored workbenches to give a manufacturing process the visibility and control of Shop floor, orders, Time and attendance, job status and most importantly the provision of accounting and reporting data. The software package utilizes Oracle’s database, forms, and reports designed and owned by the company. This Software package is offered by the company’s staff equipped for senior and mid-level work throughput composed of Database administrators, Oracle Reports and Forms developers, analysts and programmers, business analysts, implementation specialists, and other support staff.

Products and services
This ERP software is designed to meet the needs and demands of personalized manufacturing processes. The software is designed using Oracle tools and is solely owned, designed and implemented by this Company.

This Company offers complimentary IT consulting to its clients. The company covers areas in Client/Server implementation, Java technologies, Microsoft services, web development, Office integration, and other support services. These services are designed to ensure an implementation of the ERP software works in a seamless environment that bolsters productivity in a personalized manner.

ERP Software Offerings
-Order management
-Financial management
-Engineering management
-Manufacturing management
-Aftermarket warranty

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