Opportunity to partner at one of NJ largest and newly built Soundstages Television / Production Studios (only 20 min to Manhattan).

Ideal space for Production Companies or Producers with ongoing TV Series and Shows spending a sizable budget with Studio Rental.

If you require large Studio space, natural lighting, Production offices, Meeting rooms, storage, commercial kitchen, proximity to Manhattan and even living space loft (live/work accommodations) this space is for you.

Several prime-time shows were shot here. One of the tenants is a well-known TV series. Contract and financials, available upon request.

Own fifteen (15%) percent of a 37,600 sqft Studio facility. Have an active role in expanding production services. The goal is to achieve full-service / one stop shop status, which is in demand in the Booming Media, TV production industry. In operation since 2012; only 8 miles from Manhattan.

SpikeTV, CBS, NBC, ESPN, Comedy Central, Viacom Network's top production companies, 100plus episodes, promos, corporate, news and digital media productions hosted at this ideal facility for Production Companies / Producer large and small.

This 36,700 square foot studio has 6,200 square feet of living accommodations and stages ranging from 8000 to 800 square feet, equipped with 250 tons of air conditioning, 8000 plus amps of power. Each Studio is also equipped with support spaces, bathrooms with showers, hair & makeup rooms, offices, storage and reception area. There are spaces with natural lighting for photography, film-able commercial and residential Kitchens, and conference room.