Long established and successful HVAC firm focuses on repeat service customers. The business is made up of 95% HVAC and 5% Refrigeration work. Of the 95% HVAC the breakdown is 65-70% service, 15% replacements (as a result of service calls) and 15% new installations.

The techs are knowledgeable and there is an operations manager who very much wants to become part of the new companies continued future. Seldom do you find a repeat service HVAC company with a solid customer base and a good team leader who wants to stay in place! All required license are held by employees so the buyer need not be an HVAC professional or this company would be a great opportunity for someone who is in the business and wants to break out on their own.

This would also be a great fit for an established HVAC firm that wants to add more service work and more techs!