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Jun 19, 2018In today’s society more and more people are adopting a healthier eating lifestyle that focuses on organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens free from the harmful effects of hormones and antibiotics. Following this lifestyle of eating can produce a number of health benefits and lead to a healthier you.

This broth company subscribes to just that philosophy. They use only pasture raised chicken and grass-fed beef, along with organic vegetables and herbs, in their bone broth. This combination will replenish the body with minerals and collagen to heal and strengthen the gut, oh and as an added bonus, it happens to taste really good too!

Because they believe that real food cooked slow to delicately extract the most nutrients is the only way to go, they simmer the broth for 24 hours in order to extract maximum nutrients and collagen. They do all of the cooking at a unique shared kitchen space located in Atlanta. The specific type of cooking, results in a perfect blend of nutrients and flavor, which will make you and your gut happy.

The husband and wife team both have full time jobs and have operated this small business in their spare time. They supply the bone broth to a few health food shops, sell it at a seasonal farmer’s market and provide an ecommerce online service for those wishing to purchase the broth directly from them. However, there is a great potential for growth with this product and the opportunities are endless with the financial benefits that can be realized with the growth and further development of this unique commodity.

What has proven to be a successful small business, can be a wise investment for someone and ultimately become a successful large business.

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