Located in the Greater Edmonton Area of Alberta, Canada, the company is an electrical engineering firm specializing in the design and installation of safety solutions for oil and gas pipelines. The company’s primary services include AC mitigation, grounding designs, and cathodic protection for buildings, valve sites, substations and other commercial and industrial structures. The company operates from a 4,000-square foot facility, which is leased from a third party. Offering these services requires a facility with office space to plan and coordinate projects, equipment, licensed software, and certified personnel. The company has a proven track record, supported by its twenty years of ongoing business in the energy sector. With its niche range of services, the company’s marketing efforts focus on targeting oil and gas firms within the four western provinces of Canada. Revenues have been increasing, 41% over the past 4 years, due to an increased market share within the industry. Last year, the company’s total revenue was $1,107,377 with an EBITDA of $379,029 and 2017 has surpassed the original valuation projections of $1,400,000. All financial figures presented are in Canadian Dollar. With a large customer base and solid reputation, the company continues to attract new customers while maintaining its reputation with existing ones.
The owner is available for up to two years after the sale of the business. The employees would stay on after the sale.