Want to buy a franchise with great corporate support that provides specialized services that are already needed in your area? This sidewalk repair and services franchise provides you with all the materials and the service training that will reduce your risk as a new franchisee. Sidewalk repair services meet and exceed ADA regulations. This business also caters to clients who are looking for “green” service options as it recycles and reuses the materials left over from projects. The precise method devised by the franchisor is easily done in a short amount of time. Customers of this business are cities, principalities, businesses, and domestic clientele. With cost-effective, quick, and attractive results for clients, this is an excellent franchise start-up model. The franchisor will provide a demonstration week for the interested franchise buyer. During demonstration week, potential franchisee will be visited by a representative of the franchisor who will provide product and service presentations to prospective clients. For $ 120,000, you will receive franchisee rights to the patented process and equipment, training, start-up support, and materials for 2 to 3 months worth of projects. In addition to this, the first 3 months of your franchised fee will be waived in order to allow your franchise to retain profits and expand.
If you are just looking to buy yourself a job, this is not the franchise for you. If you are a driven individual who can manage, lead, and grow a start-up into a strong competitor in the local market then you will be able to thrive with this franchise. The new owner does not need to have a background in construction in order to run this business. This is the perfect business for you if you have a strong management and sales background or if you are able to assemble and train a strong sales team to market the business and its services.

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