This exclusive area distributor provides sports equipment to residential and commercial customers for a company with a 20+ year old reputation. The products are designed to enhance the safety of all customers whether they be professional athletes, student athletes or the everyday person that use the products to help reduce fatigue and harmful injury to muscles and joints. The product is custom made to fit each user’s individual space and style desires.

The company that manufactures the products this distributor represents have a long history of providing high quality products with a heavy focus on customer service. They continue to offer innovative designs and state-of-the-art functionality which is incorporated into all of the products they produce. Sales leads are provided by the company as well as and internet marketing campaign the seller has implemented. Qualified leads result in a high conversion ratio.

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone that loves sports. The exclusive area that the owner is offering is one that offers tremendous growth. The area has really only been covered by the manufacturer with no local representation and the products they offer are superior to anything else in the market. The new owner is building the sales and as you can see, expects the gross revenues to equal or exceed $750,000 next year with an anticipated cash flow of $260,000.

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