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May 11, 2018The task of employers’ seeking the “right” talent candidates to hire has changed drastically over the course of the past 15 years. Many would comment that this changing employment landscape has become tumultuous for all players within all industries worldwide.

While there are many websites that offer staffing and networking solutions, this company has created a proprietary and patentable software solution that is ‘self-learning’ or heuristic, while offering features on par with many leading sites, including some of Company’s features being unique and/or proprietary not available on any other platform today!

LinkedIn is the 2nd largest player in this job board market (followed by Recruit - headquarters in Tokyo, Japan) where the market place for recruiting talent has seen a steady rise over the past several years, growing by nearly 10% from 2016 to 2017. Total sales for global staffing agencies exceededs $400B per year worldwide since 2013. The top five Job Board websites in the world generate revenues of $7.6B (the top two in this ‘Job Board’ space being Recruit at 27% and LinkedIn at 19%). The meaning, there is ample opportunity for growth and capturing significant market share for a well-equipped player among Job Board and Job Staffing sites.

This company has created a strong opportunity as a Job Board website on a global scale. They possess a proprietary highly intelligent and sophisticated system, all built in-house for acquiring new users, at a fraction of what it would cost a typical ‘start-up’ to acquire new users. Many years of development and in perfecting their self-learning technologies has allowed them the ability to ramp up operations relatively easily with relatively very little CAP-EX to acquire 5M – 10M – 20M users in a matter of months. They have estimated their cost per user acquisition to be roughly $0.15 - $0.20 cents per user.

What is also important, beyond a standard job board, the site also functions as a social media platform that can operate in tandem with users’ job board needs, or separate, or on some level a proportion of the two. Along with this combination of platforms, are also included UNIQUE and PROPRIETARY features that are not available on any job board or social media platform. These features greatly enhance the user experience, and allow for candidates to become more easily connected with employment opportunities available today, create privacy, and to become identified by employers as a worth-while candidate.

Furthermore, the Company has created an innovative pricing structure, which works WITHOUT a fixed subscription agreement to employers and job seekers, offering a multitude of revenue streams for the company.

The Owner of the Company is a certified IT professional, with professional experiences consulting Fortune 500 companies, advanced degrees in IT, including nearly 20 years of experience in the field. As an expert in Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure Support and Database Management, they have a deep understanding of the advancements that have been made in this space, and what sort of foundation companies need for the years to come.

That being said, the available software solution is state-of-the-art where this ‘back-end’ is fully integratable with plug-ins and features that can survive in its current state for many years to come. As stated by the owner, this software can compete with any Job Board or Social Media platform based on the time spent in development,

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