We offer a Swedish or an Irish shell and listing for up-to €250,000 eligible for a reverse merger and listing in Stockholm, with a mirror listing opportunity at the Stuttgart Exchange and in a next step a possible dual listing with US at the OTCQX International list.

Included in the price is an IPO in-between €1,000,000 euro up-to €2,500,000 euro on the open market depending on the targets balance sheet and business plan. For qualified companies our partner can provide a subscription guarantee for an attractive fee.

We can deliver a limited shell company in good standing; Non-Reporting; No assets, liabilities or operations and between 1,000-5,000 shareholders. We offer a cost effektive way to raise capital and to get you listed in Europe and US. Most favorable terms for listings in EU/US.

You will need reviewed/audited financial information, and preferably revenues, or a strong intellectual property protection, with an attractive story to tell.