This company is a supplier of innovative decorative products for the horticultural industry. The company offers a unique and distinctive collection
of ceramic pottery, metal containers, and baskets. Additionally, it offers progressive floral and home décor products as well as landscaping choices including rock and statuary options.

Key Features
- Long-standing relationships with all key suppliers
- All overseas products are directly sourced from manufacturers, allowing for higher margins
- The company is the #1 dish & garden planter supplier in the US
- Over 95% customer retention rate
- Dedicated and knowledgeable management team in place

- Supplying floral products to compliment existing product line
- With investment, company is poised to increase dish & garden planter and flower pot sales by 50 to 100%
- Expansion of product lines to incorporate a garden center with “direct import price”
- Use of the company’s large for imports, wholesale, retail, and all purpose products

Market Currently Served
Florida, the Midwest, and eastern regions of the U.S.

Real Estate
Solely owned by the company, available for rental or purchase

Co-owned by the company’s CEO and his wife.

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