May 25, 2017Supply of Motorcycle Marshals and Event Control Support Staff at Cycling and Sporting Events in the UK.
Ref. CH145
Location : Fully relocatable
Asking Price : £95,000
Established in 2013 by the vendor, this business supplies motorcycle marshals and Event Control staff for cycle and other sporting events all over the UK.

There are now 120 + trained and qualified Volunteer Motorcycle Marshals available. The business was formed to provide teams of Motorcycle Marshals who are trained to assist with the safety of sporting events run on the highways across the UK. This ensures a safe route for competitors who have entered in to the various sporting events held throughout the season, being April - October. In addition to their route safety duties, the Marshals can help with indicating the direction of the route and also compliment the static marshals that are employed on these sporting occasions.

Working in combination with the Motorcycle Team is the Event Control team who support the organisers and other key roles on any said event; including the emergency services.

This team draws on experience from public and private sector, managing the resources on the road in what can be a very high pressure, fast paced, continually changing environment.

Well known for their excellent safety reputation and reliability, the business has gone from strength to strength since inception. Professional in every detail of event management the business can offer detailed consultation before, during and after any event, to provide tailor made services.

UK Roads are increasingly busy and with many sports and charitable events now taking to the highroads, the need for safety services is in high demand to ensure the success of any event. This business provides motorcycle marshals capable of watching over the event and assisting where necessary. Each rider receives training to assist in any eventuality.This can include simple tasks like a puncture repair to securing and managing an accident scene.

Many of the team are former or retired emergency service personnel who have vast experience of dealing with many and varied emergency situations.

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