This company specializes in car rentals and used car sales.  The company buys used cars from various auto auction houses.  All cars are equipped with GPS tracking equipment.  They then lease these vehicles on a short term basis for people who do not have credit cards and/or good credit.   They accept cash, debit card, and prepaid/gift cards.  They also offer car rental insurance for those customers who do not have their own insurance.  Car rentals are $50 to $60 per day depending on the size and type of vehicle, plus $20 per day for rental insurance.  Customers include students, foreigners, and people who have poor credit ratings.  Cars include Honda, Toyola, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Kia, Hyundai, BMW, & Lexus.  

The company also sells used cars either for cash or the company rent-to own program.  Last year the company sold over 500 cars.  The company is a volume wholesale distributor in the southwest region of Texas.  They retail select units that are in high demand.  Typically, their cars are a one owner or off-lease late model with good mileage.  Their inventory consists of 25 to 30 cars on their lot.  The Company also can help a customer find a specific type vehicle being offered at the auction houses and then charges a fee for buying the vehicle for the customer.  The company is licensed and bonded as a used automobile dealer in the state of Texas.