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Mar 12, 2019Swiss Asset Management Company, Fiduciary and/or Trust Solution. Depending on time frame as new formation or turnkey-immediately-available.

Prices range from 85,000 CHF (very old Vintage and highly capitalized solutions available)

Included deliverables:
• Swiss resident director: YES - The required Swiss Resident Director is provided and the base responsibility fee already included for a year.
• Compliance Director: YES
• Custodian Bank: YES
• Website: YES
• Physical address use of facilities: YES - Zug (low tax canton) or other upon request

Allowable activities of a Swiss Asset Management & Fiduciary company (not a comprehensive list):
• Manage assets on behalf of customers (discretionary or non-discretionary basis);
• Accept or hold on deposit assets belonging to others and assist in the investment or transfer of such assets;
• Trade in securities (stocks and shares and value rights) as well as their derivatives, banknotes and coins, money market instruments, precious metals, commodities;
• Open FX, CFD and commodity trading accounts for customers
• Carry out credit transactions (in particular in relation to consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing or financial leasing);
• Provide services related to payment transactions, in particular by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of other persons, or who issue or manage means of payment such as credit cards and travellers’ cheques;
• Make investments as investment advisers;
• Hold securities on deposit or manage securities;
• Provides bank account signatory services for clients world wide
• Open bank/investment accounts for clients at banks without the need for a bank reference letter;
• Open numbered bank & investment accounts for clients at select Swiss and Liechtenstein banks;

• Ongoing yearly base costs: The ongoing yearly base costs after year one are approximately CHF 27,500 per year (not counting audits). This includes the FINMA SRO licensing fees, compliance officer base fee, mandatory Swiss director base fee and registered physical address with mail forwarding

Key Features of a Swiss Asset Management & Fiduciary Company
• Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) capability?: Yes
• Foreign Ownership: Allowed
• Foreign Directors: Allowed
• Clearing: International clearing capability
• Regulatory regime: Switzerland’s regulatory regime is far more relaxed, flexible and less demanding than that in the US, UK/EU.
• Low on-going costs: The on-going operational costs are a fraction of those for a US, UK or other EU regulated firm
• Net Capital requirement: NO net capital requirement
• Privacy: Swiss AGs offer shareholder anonymity

We do provide a broad network of international banks, law and tax advisory.

For any questions. Please get in contact with us, and w'll work on an individualized solution

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