MicroManos is a HR Services and Staffing Company in Rockville, MD United States. As a part of business model changes, the company is detaching its International Telecom Business Segment from the core business lines.

A complete package of International Calling Airtime Recharge Service / Mobile Top Up business including entire system platform, website, brand, mobile applications with customer base is for sale. "Holamanos" (Specially targeted Hispanic customers brand) and "Selammanos" (Ethiopian and African customers targeted brand) have been in market since 2015 and gained good appreciation by more than 15,000 users to date because of the affordable calling rate and the crystal clear calling quality.

The service is sold via online/mobile app. and at retails point of sales. If you have retail branches and network working with Hispanic customers, the Holamanos can be boosted its sales. But, Selammanos can be sold via online and mobile app solely because existing customers are accustomed to buying the service via online. Becoming the owner of the entire system and platform, you can run the entire sales operation at your pricing discretion. From our experience at least you will be earning 30%+ profit margin from the sales value as the currently applied rate per minute is very competitive in the market and affordable for the customers.

The sale of business include; Entire Telecom Recharge System, mobile applications, sales websites, brands, service infrastructure (such as call center function), and customer base.

If you are interested to acquire the entire business package, please contact us.