This patent protected software opens the studio door to connect uncompressed, synchronized audio between multiple users. So…if a singer is in Atlanta, a guitar player in New York, a drummer in Nashville, a keyboardist in Austin and a bass player is in Los Angeles want to record together….they record like they were all in the same room. All they need is an internet connection and this software.

Is it complicated and hard to set-up? No, it is easy to use. They sign up for an account and download the software….the installation instructions are simple to follow and most adjustments are automated.
Who would use it? Whether you’re a producer, voice-talent, musician, recording studio or broadcast facility….you aren’t limited by location or needing costly ISDN lines or online services that are very specific to existing hardware and software. It lets you leave that hassle behind AND allows you to take your studio with you and can be accessed from ANY computer or studio with an internet connection. No additional equipment other than a microphone and headset is required.

Why is it better than current solutions? Savings in both time and money. These uncompressed, synchronized transmissions truly can change the way you get things done by “saving the magic” the first time around. Expensive yearly contract obligations with the phone company or buy-outs from online providers become a thing of the past. Monthly rates will be well below the current norm and deliver content at better reactionary speeds as compared to expensive proprietary equipment and lines.

How big is this market? There are approximately 9,000+ studios (in United States alone) that currently employ ISDN and/or other sources to bring audio into their facilities. There are over 50,000 voice over artists currently employing the services of VoIP in the United States and Canada perform in commercials, promos, trailers, audio books, video games, toys, infomercials, phone systems/customer service recordings and non-broadcast presentations.

The VoIP industry is in the growth stage of its life cycle. In 2015, industry operators were expected to generate $5.6 billion in revenue. Between now and 2020, industry value added, a measure of the industry's contribution to the economy, is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 14.2%. In comparison, GDP is expected to increase at an annualized rate of 2.5% over the same period.

The above figures don’t factor in music and broadcast transmissions, which by themselves constitute a mega-billion dollar per year industry. This software can be used by numerous music, VO and broadcast allies to break into this marketplace and will be the solution that can capture a significant portion of this marketplace.

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