Four floors. 108 rooms, including 4 suite. All rooms have a private bathroom. Decoration from natural materials. 5 meeting rooms, restaurant, bar, terrace, lounge, fitness center. 226 parking spaces.
The hotel is located in the suburb of Bochum.
Bochum - city in Germany, one of the four centers of the Ruhr Area in North Rhine-Westphalia. Center Middle Ruhr region, together with the cities of Hattingen, Herne and Witten. The city's population - 375,200 inhabitants (as of 2010). The population of the Middle Ruhr - 750,000 people. The city is known Ruhr University.
The cost of the hotel - 4.25 million euros. Yield - 7.5% per annum. Annual revenue is 320 000 euro. The hotel is leased to well-known hotel chain. Leasing contract is valid until 2023, with an extension option of 2x5 years. The commission is 5.95% of the purchase price, including 19% VAT. The documents are ready to deal. Additional information is available upon request and upon the signing of the LOI the prospective buyer.