Three Long-Standing Major Premium Brand Ice Cream Shops In Manhattan, Run As One Business.

Located in premier neighborhoods across the city, these shops are strategically located to ensure coverage throughout Manhattan.

(and even the outer boroughs and parts of New Jersey, for deliveries).

All shops are located in high traffic areas, make deliveries, sell cakes and offer corporate and private catering.

This Is The Major International Ice Cream Brand.

The company was founded in the Bronx in 1961.

The brand is known for using the highest quality, natural ingredients to make premium ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet.

The 3 shops are owned as a collective business by two partners who are moving out of the state.

All three shops have been operating profitably during the current owners’tenure.

This is due to both top line growth through marketing, excellent customer service, and multiples lines of business and customer segments,

as well as managing costs effectively through inventory control, seasonal staffing, controlling food costs and spending marketing dollars wisely.

Revenue growth has come through expanding multiple lines of business: cakes, sundae parties, catering and walk-in, as well as growing the customer segments.

The customer segments include private individuals, weddings, corporations, children’s party venues, K-12 schools, universities & property management companies.


The shops have a unified marketing and brand strategy with the following elements:


• State-of-the-art, professionally designed website that was rebuilt and optimized for mobile in 2015

• Easy to navigate with information readily accessible on all three shops

• Extensive online cake gallery with over 150 designs

• Online cake ordering to be implemented in 2016

• Online sundae party ordering to be implemented in 2017

Google Ads

• Year-round advertising using well-written ads (both text and images in various sizes)

• Highly targeted ads using zip codes

• Consistently in the top 1 or 2 positions; 1% CTR

Constant Contact

• Monthly email newsletter that reaches 10,000 people

• Template built for mobile in 2016

• Integration with FaceBook advertising to be done in 2016

Seamless and GrubHub

• Full menu available on the dominant online food ordering and delivery service in the city since 2013