This is one of the best schools in this franchise system with sales of over $1,600,000 and Discretionary Cash Flow of almost $600,000 per year. Before you try and build your own franchise childcare center, you need to see this. Imagine:
- being in business in 90 days not 2 years
- not having to take the inevitable risk that your location will be a loser.
- not having to put up with the persistent frustration of building a school.

With this school, you can be making profits from day one without all these risks!

This school is located in one of the hottest Master Planned Communities in San Antonio. Growth in this area is phenomenal and the demographics are excellent. It is a part of one of the fastest growing franchise systems in the US.

Sales $1,600,000

SDCF $595,000

FFEV $400,000

Real Estate included $3.2 mil

Price $4.2 mil