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Aug 22, 2017Trender app (application) a unique social platform.
Ref. BFS2926
Location : United Kingdom
Asking Price : £60,000

About the Company
Trender app - Let's make money A unique social platform

Post and tweet to promote brands organically in return for money. Sounds good! Welcome to Trender, the new app where everyone wins.
Trender is a revolutionary new platform that connects social media users with brands. Brands that offer products and services of interest want to connect with such users. They would like those people to spread the word about their brand and recommend them to their friends. Trender offers the means to connect brands with these social media users. Brands can pay regular facebook and twitter users to post and tweet promotional messages, pictures and videos to their friends via the app. The amount a brand pays depends how cyber popular the promoter is, the more people they can reach the more they get paid. The money spent by the brands will be passed on to the promoters but not before trender takes a cut, we are currently working on a 25% margin.
The Trender mobile application has soft launched on google play and the app store. Pre marketing we have already achieved over 5000 downloads. We have built a microsite too and have accumulated several thousand subscribers.
Trender is a registered uk trademark and is pending global registration. A patent is pending at the US patent office.
Trender's business model has been discussed with a UK law firm whom drafted bespoke terms and conditions and a privacy policy. We are currently SEIS and EIS approved too.
Trender app has global compatibility and has been localised in several languages.
Marketing material is in place, we are currently semi active on social media and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from brands and promoters alike.

Unique selling points:

Consumers are 92% more likely to trust their peers over advertising. Our business model is exactly that, friends getting paid to recommend on social media.
All activity is in app, this means once a user agrees to post for a brand, that post will immediately appear on their facebook & twitter feed by simply agreeing to do so on our app, no third party execution is necessary. This will ensure our users enjoy a secure and efficient experience.
On Trender app we have the capability to filter users by several location type including their current location, this can be vastly helpful to small businesses allowing them for the first time to really target their potential consumer social media.
We can offer brands the social media traffic they crave. Imagine the following scenario where 2000 of our users are recommending a brand to 100 of their friends, the standard achievement of reaching 200k aside, the usp here is that this brand now has 2000 people mentioning them on their twitter and facebook feed. Add your twitter handle and then you can retweet and like all 2000 of those posts. Branded traffic anyone?

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