Central Dallas Location - Vape store in the Central Dallas area with a bar area for testing high quality e-juice is now available for acquisition. Established in 2013 by the current owner, in the last 3 years of operation this business has identified itself as one of the best vape stores in Central Dallas. Customer base is very strong and well established due to providing customers testing bar for e-juice flavors while staff is well-informed on vape products. Competition arrived in the immediate market area after the establishment of this vape bar, but none of the competitors are as well-informed on each product as well as exclusion of a bar area in which this business provides. Sales in 2015 was $600,000/year and is on track to generate a similar or higher sales in 2016 as this industry is growing at a high rate each year. The electronic cigarette industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the last 5 years as more studies show the health benefit of vaping versus smoking tobacco products. This industry is expected to grow 20% yearly as customers from the tobacco industry begins to move towards the healthier option of vaping which in turn will provide the electronic cigarette industry a portion of the multi-billion dollar tobacco industry net worth. Each year as new products are produced and manufactured, this business updates inventory from their high quality major vendors who provide great warranty. Products provided at this business can range from 150 different varieties of e-juices, e-cigarette batteries, electronic components for vaping, and test tanks for pre-purchased taste testing. Acquisition of this business will be a great investment as this industry grows in this prime location and take over the tobacco industry as an alternative method to smoking/vaping.

Northwest Texas Location - Electronic cigarette store located in North Texas as the best vape store is available for acquisition. Established in 2015, this business has already established themselves as the best vape store in the local area within a short time span. The majority of the customers that purchase products from this store are military personnel and construction workers around the age of 30-40 in need of a healthier option from smoking cigarettes. A competitor is coming within the area, but competition for this business is very minimal as this is the best vape store in the whole area along with high quality products other locations doesn't provide at a affordable price. In 2015, sales were $435,000/year and are projected to increase $450,000-475,000/year in 2016 as this operation became #1 vape store in the area in one year of business. Owner of the business proactively markets the business through magazines, email, personal website, Facebook, Yelp, and other social media outlets. Electronic cigarette industry is increasing by 20% each year as more people see the benefits of vaping to quit smoking, but since the area this business is located in is currently still in growth, the percentage can be calculated at even a higher rate than the average 20%. Products provided at this business can range from 150 different varieties of e-juices, e-cigarette batteries, electronic components for vaping, and test tanks for pre-purchase taste testing. Brand new electronic components for e-cigs are updated once new hardware is out in the market and is given warranty from their major vendors. Acquisition of this vape store located in an area where the growth has yet...

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