Are you thinking about buying a bar? Do you want it in an area that has a large target market? Do you want to make more money? Well, look no further. These two Bloomington neighborhood bars for sale are right for you!

These bars have great locations in one busy city! In fact, 75% of the population of Bloomington is of legal drinking age. The two locations allow you to reach out to neighbors on each side of the city. They act as a community living room, bringing in a mature crowd who is looking for a place to have a conversation, some fun, and a good selection of beer.

These bars for sale are small and cozy. Each has space for 49 people. They both have a great selection of bottled, canned, and draft beer. Local and/or craft beer are on tap with the taps being rotated often. There are plenty of TVs if you want to watch a game but the volume doesn’t overwhelm the small space. There is plenty of entertainment in both bars as most nights have events such as poker, trivia, comedy, live music, and beer tastings from local breweries plus other fun events.

Guests can get a beer membership. With this membership, they get beer mug that they can personalize plus extra beer! The staff is considered fun, friendly, and knowledgeable about the local beer selection. The staff takes customer service to the next level by remembering people, their previous orders, and what that person liked or disliked about his/her former order. Since the bars are not outfitted to prep or cook food, they have partnered up with local restaurants. This allows guests to have a meal or snack delivered when the desire hits.

A new owner can purchase one or both of these neighborhood bars. The bars are completely turn-key. This offer is ideal if you want to keep your full-time career but still make additional income. These bars are ideal as is or putting your own spin on Bloomington’s nightlife!