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Patented and Internationally Proven 2.5 gallon Stackable and Lockable Water and Beverage Container with Self Breathing Tap. This highly regarded new container is currently being used by the largest retailers in the world outside the United States mainly for the retail of Natural Spring Water (Drinking Water).

This is the only Patented Stackable and Lockable container of its kind. It is sleek; it is elegant and it has an efficient design that allows this one of a kind container to be Stackable and Lockable when pelletized without the use of any cardboard or other packaging materials other then Shrink Wrap.


- This patent covers a design feature that allows internal water pressure to be used to maintain its shape and strength during stacking and transport.

- Logistically stackable 5 high maximizes pallet usage efficiency during transportation.

- Curbside Recyclable, 100% Recyclable and is 100% Biodegradable.

- Manufactured using HDPE #2 plastic and is Bisphenol A (BPA) FREE.

- Crushable! Take the tap off and stand on it to reduce its size for the recycle bin.

- 2.5 gallon container designed to maximize space on front and sides for labeling.

- Low profile height design allows this container to fit in a fridge with the tap facing towards the front for easy dispensing.

- Two carry handles to make lifting and carrying more convenient and user friendly.

Note: This new container currently being used in over 3,500 retail outlets internationally has not yet been seen or used by US Consumers or US Based Retailers in North America.

This 2.5 gallon, BPA FREE, Biodegradable, Stackable and Lockable Water and Beverage Container with Self Breathing Tap is a natural for all US Retailers of water and other beverages, Military, FEMA, Red Cross and all other places liquid containers are used today.


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