Using A Patent Pending Business Model And Formulas, This Financial Consulting Firm Specializes In Corporate Incentives, Refunds, And Rebating.
Utilizing Federal, State, and Local Government incentives, they help companies, including multiple publicly traded and multinational companies; recoup all sorts of monetary benefits.
Their services include, but are not limited to:
Operating expense analysis
Utility bill analysis
Work opportunity credits
Cost segregation analysis
Research and development credit
Industrial and Commercial incentive programs
Energy cost savings program credits
Area development rates
Business incentive rates
Co-generation turnkey operations
Deregulated gas and electricity supply
Manufacturing business credits
Investment credits
Predominant use analysis
Sales tax credits
Power for jobs
Employee credits
Wage credits
Empire Zone credits
Solar installation Large rolodex of repeat corporate partners ensures success.
Untapped marketplace that can be easily scaled to a much larger revenue base.
Turn-key business ready for someone to step right in and not miss a beat.

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