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Jan 12, 2018Prime 4-location sports bar with a unique concept catering to age 22-36 male demographic is available for acquisition. These businesses are all established in areas that have a dense population of adult males and nearby entertainment districts where traffic is consistently packed with many young adults. Few corporate competitors are placed in the immediate market area of all locations, but the competition lacks in terms of superior food quality as well as a more reasonable price point that attracts many more individuals than the competition. Most of the customers are young adult males aged from 22-36 that live in the surrounding densely populated residential neighborhoods and large groups coming from either the nearby traffic heavy highway or the entertainment district that house many young adults. Consolidated net sales for all DFW locations in the most recent year are around $9,400,000/year which is significantly lower than previous few years due to highway construction and expansion in 2 of the 4 locations. However, the sales are expected to be restored once the highway expansion is complete. The sales and revenue stated herein for two locations have been reflected by using weighted average for past 3 years, which gives 60% on the current year and 20% each for past two previous years. The overall sales of 4th location in San Antonio do not reflect total sales stated due to lack of revenue history and being opened for only few months. Currently, there are few marketing being done including racing car sponsorship, face-to-face interactions, own website, and social media outlet marketing, but more proactive marketing needs to be done especially after completion of highway expansion to bring back customers. Although the sales are increasing naturally over the period of operation, these unique sports bars can tremendously benefit from other active local marketing tactics that will reach the untapped customers within the general area of all business locations. There are many ways to proactively market these businesses such as direct mailing campaign, daily specials, catering services, delivery service, 3rd party delivery service, billboards and full-time owner involvement to manage quality control. Full-time owner involvement will be huge in assisting cutting costs on payroll expenses for unnecessary management and providing better quality services through quality management of the operation. Various menu items are provided at these businesses that can range from appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, salads, nachos, wings, steaks, ribs, low-calorie entrees, lunch specials and desserts. These unique sports bars are in perfect condition for a potential buyer to proactively marketing this business while being fully involved in the day-to-day business operation.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $500,000 (Included in listed price)
Inventory: $160,000 (Not Included in listed price)
Real Estate: $9,300,000 (Included in listed price)
Financing: 100% down at the time of closing or 30% Cash Down with SBA Financing for Qualified Buyers with Industry Experience.
Year Established: 2012
Employees: 150FT/150PT

Facilities: These businesses are placed in optimal spots where many dense neighborhoods are present as well as nearby entertainment retail businesses that attract many individuals to the area every week. All equipment is in impeccable condition and in working order.Support/Training: The owner of the business will provide the necessary train~

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