Located in the Toronto area, the Company works throughout the Greater Toronto Are (GTA) and across Southern Ontario. The clientele served by the Company are construction companies, builders and general contractors. Approximately 80% of the work is within a 1-hour drive of the GTA with the remainder being a 1-3 hour drive.

The Company specializes in all types of masonry work for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. The Company has an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and excellent relationships with suppliers, contractors and customers. The owner has decided to retire after building the business significantly. The Company has one main location in the Toronto area and operates throughout Southern Ontario. The business is very profitable with strong growth in recent years. With a solid mix of Commercial and Residential projects, the company has generated average revenue in excess of $24 million over the last three years. The business operates with 2 site supervisors, 10 crews and 73 employees.

This opportunity would suit a similar masonry/construction company located in Ontario. Additionally, it would be an ideal opportunity for a masonry/construction company located elsewhere that wished to establish themselves in Ontario.