Startup wine preservation/dispensing "PD" technology company offers a substantial improvement over current PD technologies, in both length/quality of preservation and ease/speed of adding and removing each bottle.

Cutting edge technology allows long-term preservation (for years if desired) of wine while dispensing a pour when desired. Includes both single bottle and commercial/multi-bottle systems. The cork is never removed from the bottle. For high volume bars/restaurants that cycle bottles quickly and don’t care about preservation, the system still offers a substantial, compelling improvement in time and efficiency over the typical corkscrew/re-capping process.

Also, this technology will open new markets not currently addressed, such as by-the-glass expensive wines not currently offered in PD systems due to fear of spoilage, PD of large wine bottles and other markets.

Full US utility patent issued, others pending. Pre-money valuation is modest vs. market projections at $1.8 million. Seeking partners or investors for up to 40% equity to fund production and distribution. Distribution channels are already lined up, more in the works.

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