Prime location flower gift shop in a high-income city surrounded by many retail businesses is available for acquisition. This business was originally established over a decade ago by the current owner of the business in 2004. While competition was previously within the immediate market area, all previous competitors were unable to continue operation within the area and now is the only florist with no competition. Most of the customers are upper-class Caucasian individuals from the nearby densely populated residential neighborhoods and the traffic from the nearby retail businesses. Net sales average in 2016 was $290,000/year that has been steadily increasing for the last several years of operation without any proactive marketing done except through word of mouth. Proactive marketing is crucial to the further growth of this business as there's no marketing currently done to allow this business to reach max capacity. There are many ways to proactively market this business such as direct mailing, bundle deals, automation of book-keeping, social media outlets, corporate accounts, and expanding into the wedding industry. Automation of book-keeping will help increase production speed as a POS system will help organize and enhance the sales of the business. Additionally, introduction of a delivery vehicle will immediately provide an increase in sales and create many opportunities for large corporate accounts. This business has everything in place for a potential buyer to proactively market this business while being actively involved in the day-to-day business operation.

Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment: $15,000 (Included in listed price)
Inventory: $3,000 (Included in listed price)
Financing: 100% down at the time of closing or 50% Cash Down with SBA Financing for Qualified Buyers with Industry Experience.
Year Established: 2002
Employees: 2PT

Facilities: Located in 807 SF retail strip center within a high-income city that is surrounded by many retail businesses and apartment complexes.Support/Training: The owner of the business will provide the necessary training to smoothly transition into the business operation.
Reason Selling: Other Opportunities
Competition: Few competitors were previously within the immediate market area, but there are no competitors as of now due to each competitor closing down.
Growth And Expansion: Proactive marketing is needed to further grow this business as there is no marketing done except through word of mouth.

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