The business was founded over 36 years ago by the seller. The business has the equipment and expertise to satisfy the majority of machining needs in the market. The production machines are networked to a computer with all the drawings and machine commands. The operators keep the machines busy and can oversee different jobs on various machines. The business has a very steady customer base as 80% of orders come in as PO’s. The seller only prepares quotes for 20% of the revenue. Besides a web site, the business does very little marketing as referrals and word of mouth brings in plenty of new business. There is ample room for growth in this business: 1) active outbound marketing and sales to grow the top and bottom lines, 2) the business uses only 60% of the square feet in the facility leaving plenty of room for more equipment, and 3) the business runs one shift. The real estate is for sale. The business has been pre-approved for and SBA-guaranteed loan.