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Apr 19, 201823-year-old family-owned manufacturer of custom metal targets for shooting practice.
Their unique, high-quality targets are popular not only with shooting enthusiasts throughout New York State but also across the entire U.S. and overseas.
With nearly 25,000 targets produced, the company has continued to grow and offer a diverse range of products to the public through website sales.
The targets are designed, manufactured, tested exclusively by them and are made exclusively in the USA and sold directly to the customer.
Their targets cover the entire range of calibers from pellet guns to.50 BMG, and are for any need or level of skill, including but not limited to military, law enforcement, shooting clubs, and everyday outdoorsmen and hunters who enjoy the sport of target shooting.
This company is widely known for its quality craftsmanship, design, and customer service for over 23 years. A niche has been formed in their ability to provide a combination and breadth of services that few other companies can provide.
A new owner will have to relocate the business.

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