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Liquidate Bitcoin/ Roll into Real Estate 20%+ ROI

Liquidate Bitcoin/ Roll into Real Estate 20%+ ROI

Bitcoin is so sky high and it is artificial. Here is the secret ... you've already won! I can help liquidate and not pay any capital gains and roll it into a securitized investment strategy that will pay an ROI north of 20% per year while the company maintains its value and you can triple your money...

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South African Foreign Exchange Brokerage

We are a South African based Financial Brokerage. (Forex Brokerage) Rendering a trading platform Seeking potential investors to help us start operations in South Africa All has been setup fully regulated to operate.

Lifestyle Marketplace for Asset & Smart Living

Smart living marketplace to enable users/partners/communities to better manage their assets and promote smart and sustainable living. The platform provides a secured transaction marketplace and geared for better local economics.

Funding Partnership for an Algorithmic Stablecoin

A blockchain startup-based community is going to initiate a multichain algorithmic stable currency (stablecoin) and is willing to partner with a trusted capital firm as the backing investment partner. Considering a major target, the company intends to list this token on a top-tier digital assets exchange...

Crypto, Stock, FX, Commodities Exchange, DLT

The company is the holding company of Moneta Digitec and Moneta Fin. Investment sought. Size $1,000,000. Offer: 30% equity in holding company. [ External Link Removed ] This is not a US-type (blown up out of proportions) scheme, it's an early-stage scalable with min X10 short-term exit. Moneta...

New Currency Backed by Asset

Asset back digital currency we have been waiting patiently on for a soon launch. There will be a lot of creative ways to fund projects after launch. $30 Billion plus in assets backing the currency. please contact me for more information

Crypto, Stock, FX, Commodities Exchange

Tokenisation of securities and other real-world assets will transform the accessibility and efficiency of capital markets. Moneta Holdings is developing one of the biggest global Crypto, Stock, FX, Commodities exchanges. We are open to investments. Min ticket $100,000. This is not a US-type (blown up...

Institutional Slot for Large Volumes BTC Trading

An International Trust Management firm is offering a slot for large volumes BTC trading on daily basis for a large investor/investors or Institutional grade firm. Clients can receive and wire out any amount of funds in USD, EUR and BTC . BTC trading is commission free. Transfers out can be to any...

Structured BTC Buy/Sell 4m Required USA Based

Structured BTC Buy/Sell 4m Required USA Based

Working with Registered Investment Manager that has invitation to platform. 4m min required to post to Attorney Trust Non Depletion account for term as agreed, payment may be in BTC For information and discussion purposes.

Looking for Shareholder/Investor for Forex Broker

The company is one of the fastest growing Forex Brokerage company globally in terms of active clients, Global Offices in various Locations. It is a technology-led financial services company providing Broking and advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares and financial products distribution...

BitCoins Trading + Monthly Profit

BitCoins Trading + Monthly Profit

Trade your Bitcoins with us and receive monthly guaranteed profit 8% of Bitcoins. Trading program, for one year and your traded bitcoins will be returned to you in full at the end of the period. Why to keep your bitcoins freeze inside your wallet. Trade with us and generate guaranteed extra bitcoins....

Bitcoin Investment

I'm also an expert Bitcoin miner and would want to tell you about my services on Bitcoin and how to make money from mining using your mobile phone or PC every 48 hours, if you are interested please let me know so we can talk more on the process of investing and mining i offer all types of legitimate...

Highly Profitable Cryptocurrency Project EcoCoin

Cryptocurrency project EcoCoin on sale due to retirement. Active community on Twitter and hundreds of thousands of expressions monthly. Crypto vault with several different coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRX, GHST, BCH and SLP Bitcoin. Leading seller on CCTip. Estimated value of the vault is more...

Crypto Currency Gateway Payment

We are looking for partners/investors for a new gateway payment system in the crypto currency market. Our token is unique with the effect of touching even the local people anywhere a POS machine and ATM can be found. We have just been listed in the P2PB2B exchange market and we seek to enter more...

Bitcoin Buy/Sell Block Transactions

Bitcoin Buy/Sell Block Transactions

We have clients who do large Bitcoin transactions at a discount as both buyers and sellers. Contact us if you are an interested party.

New Crypto Coin XTO Launch Today

Xtoken or XTO Coin- A birth of New Cryto Coin - today - 20/09/2022 with 100% bonus and 15% referral. download the app and register today postental investors and funders are welcome for partnership

Re; Investment Opportunity for Real Investor

We are looking for HNWI or Corporate investors who have funds available for FX investment trading systems. Our FX only trading systems and have returned 33.4% for January 2021 and 12.8% for February, with 26.18% already for March (ALL certified returns) and 44.85% for April We are looking for...

Re; Investment Opportunity for Real Investor

We don't accept clients funds directly and we operate under a LPOA agreement wherever your funds are we can trade them and it's not absolutely necessary for you to move them to one of our two preferred brokerage firms if you don't wish too. Our FX only trading system made 'a certified ROI' of double...

NFT Platform Looking for a Seed Capital

Dubai Silicon Oasis Based NFT Social Media Network Startup - Generative Gallery - looking for a strategic seed investment partnership What is included: - Fast raising community of NFT creators WORLDWIDE (3k), local communities in 15 Asian and MENA Region countries Digital Art Pioneering and...

Bitcoins for Sale

We have Large volume of bitcoins for sale , Purchase comes with a -4% discount, Close will be through Escrow ( chase Bank) Transaction is insured with a 5 billion dollar liability insurance coverage through company's attorney. Seller Is exclusive and all transactions will be done through the attorney....

Investment Opportunity for Real Investor

We are in a position to seek a HNWI or Corporate investment funds for our plan of purchasing an FCA regulated firm and trading our FX trading systems through this newly established company and once regulated we can target family offices, hedge funds and UWHNWI globally We are looking for an individual...

ETH Intelligence and Transaction Mining

ETH Intelligence and Transaction Mining

Hundreds of defi projects suffer from high transaction costs and low network speed. We have developed solutions for Defi projects to solve transfer costs as CAPEX, not OPEX. Making marginal transaction cost literally go to zero. We are looking for funding to upgrade hardware and promote solutions...

Video Streaming Platform to Rival Netflix & Prime

We are ready to launch our ERC20 Token in July 2021. We are looking for funding to build our proprietary server farm. Our Token is tethered to our streaming platform that will be launching in September 2021. Be there in the beginning. We will be using our Token as collateral. Please contact us...

Optimization of Crypto Mining Algo

Optimization of Crypto Mining Algo

In 4 years we plan to improve one of the mining algorithms 100 folds using AI. The first small-scale tests were successful. Looking for funding to scale up.

Foreign Capital/Investors Wanted for JV

We are looking for investors who are RWA to form JV for running digi-mining machines, it could be black-chain data center, fintech industry, total amount is required US$50m+ for relocating approx. 50,000 digi-mining machines from China to Lao country, in Lao area, there is a power source up to 200MW...

A New Cryptocurrency Business

A Cryptocurrency created with the sole purpose of innovating the decentralised finances.