Standard Listings

Oil/Gas Business Model

We have assembled best rework team in the oil business. Our technology and team has the risk reward ratio perfected. Should you want to be a capital partner with us please advise.

Oil Reseller Project Need Investor

Our firm has been a seller mandate for many years and has some good contact with some buyers and sellers. Most of the time they help the buyer and seller to search the suppliers and client to try and make a successful deal to earn a commission. Our refinery can provide petroleum of commodities All...

Texas Development Project

Texas Development Project

Multi pay zone oil project located in Liberty County, Texas. Proven production in the Yegua Sands with seismic data to back it up. The principals of these two companies have a proven track record of successful oil and gas projects all over the United States and in other Countries. We don’t receive...

Investors Wanted To Fund Acquisition (LBO)

Investors Wanted To Fund Acquisition (LBO)

Investors are wanted to leverage the purchase of a leading oilfield servicing company in Colombia. The company renders mudlogging to leading E & P clients in the country. Interested acquirer, based in Bogota, is locally based, with versatile experience in the industry as well as the capital market of...

Attention- Wanted Investors Globally

Attention- Wanted Investors Globally

Attation wanted joint venture projects in SRI LANKA We have viable projects with high ROI in various fields in SRI LANKA JV, Equity & Debt etc. The following investment opportunities are readily available. Crude Oil Refinery Projects Lube Manufacturing Plant Gas Processing Projects Gold...

Investor / Partner Wanted $250-$500 K

Looking for a partner to fund document prep and expenses for initial capital raise. Attending in person conferences and expos to raise $10-$25 million+ for infrastructure and alternative energy tech compnay in the next 3-6 months. May qualify for$50-$250 million from 2020 & 2021 Fed grants and earmarks.

Dynamic Oil Company Expanding

We have up to 20% of the Company Available for $2.5 million. $500K minimum. We can work with an total equity position, convertible, or loan with equity kicker. Recent appraisal on a portion of oil properties PV10 $18 million. Bigger properties yet to be appraised. Public Company is under our control...

$100,000 Loan Needed

Looking for $100,000 Loan will secure with oil lease currently producing 18 bopd or about $25,000 per month as well as additional barrels from new production. Will pay top interest rate and/or offer an overriding royalty. Please leave a phone number.

60% Monthly ROI - Show Me The Money

Since gas prices are going straight up, now is the time to get back into Oil Production. We have under contract a huge oil field in Nevada, leased from the US Government (BLM) This oil field is 'in the oil fairway' of several other major oil discoveries that have produced millions of barrels of Oil....

Seeking Financing for Oil and Gas Deals

We have the deals. We have plenty of clients. We seek a partner to help finance these deals. We also have international oil/gas deals that are seeking financing. Some in the hundreds of millions. Please reach out through email so we can match you with our list of borrowers to see if we can close...

Invest Bio Gas Products

Invest Bio Gas Products

invite invest of bio gas industry Sri Lanka looking for bio gas producer invest of 10 million USD investment DUMP project convert of bio gas product and can be sale local and overses companys pls write more information

Seeking $250M Acquisition Capital

We seek $250M acquisition capital for roll up of oil field service companies. Three companies under contract, three more in negotiation. 5 member extraordinarily skilled, domain expertise management team already on board with 180+ total years experience in oil & gas and investment banking. Oil is...

Energy Firm Seeking for Partners Investors

My firm is working as direct international business facilitators on private and government projects across the country whereby we connect profitable projects to investors and we only work on the finders fees bases which is 5% of the total value of the projects and that needs to be pay by the investor...

12 Month Or Less ROI

12 Month Or Less ROI

Invest in energy. You see the strain on electricity. Demand and pricing is at all time highs. 100k will get you 45% equity. 12 months or less to get your money back and years of cash returns thereafter with huge tax benefits. Come for a site visit in Oklahoma. We welcome calls. Contact me today for...

Proprietary EOR - Oil Well Stimulation Program

Oil and gas enhancement/stimulation program for wells on land in TX, with proven reserves, and existing wells, that can be acquired at very competitive prices. Extract oil from wells no longer producing commercial quantities and/or increase production from underperforming wells. Performance has...

Family Oil/Gas And Real Estate/Gold Mines Ownership

Notice: private lender needed debt/Equity Oil fields in Arkansas smackover oil/gas fields. Oil/gas, timberland and water. Also control other assets(gold/real estate).

LNG Project Seeks Investor

This is a new LNG project to be built in western Canada by Canadian company. If we could source Canadian investment so much the better. The site has been identified and the the nearby gas plant will supply all the required feed-stock. There is good hi-way access, rail spur, etc. There is also an...

JV Investments Needed

Government allotted Oil fields of 3000 hectares for Limited Company needs Joint venture Investment for stake sale from 1% to 100% - USD 5 million to USD 5.06 billion .USA based Company has given report for necessary oil reserves . We have been shared with NCNDA by the CMD of the Company. All transactions...

Oil & Gas Producing Property - La.

Oil & Gas Producing Property - La.

Looking for a working interest partner to help complete a multi shallow well producing lease in La. Lease is complete with infrastructure and ready to complete all wells. Low operational cost and great returns. Contact us today....

Seeking $4 Million for Potential 100% ROI First

I have an oil drilling opportunity that is within 1 mile of the largest producing onshore conventional oil well in the USA. That well has produced 2,000 BOPD for 10 years. The opportunity includes purchasing the oil lease of 760 acres and drilling 1 or more oil wells to produce even a bigger potential...

Seeking $1.5 Million Guaranteed 10% - 20% Annual Return

Seeking $1.5 million for guaranteed 10% - 20% annual return. Paid monthly! Revenue stream in tact with historical payment history. Very low risk! This can be done as a 10-31 exchange if your situation warrants it. Send message of details.

Tank Cleaning - Oil and Gas Waste Management

We are seeking potential partners with equipment and experience in Oil/Petrochemical Products Storage Tank Cleaning and Waste Management Services. If you are looking to broaden your operations to sub-regional West Africa, kindly contact us.

Hydrogen Production and Storage

Our firm, a leader in enhanced oil recovery is progressing to becoming the primer producer and supplier of blue hydrogen on the gulf coast. We are in the early stages of a one hundred million dollar raise and would like to introduce our vision to prospective investors. Please contact us directly...

Coal & Tires To Liquid Fuel Projects

Coal to Liquid Fuel Project Opportunity, is now available to investors who would like to be part of an Environmentally Friendly Project, that may be eligible for carbon tax credits as well. We have our sites set on several operations located in Kentucky and a Tire To Liquid Fuel Project in Tennessee.

Looking for Investors

Looking for Investors

Seeking investors for upcoming projects in the Powder River area of Wyoming. We have several different projects and options available. We are a family/veteran owned and operated company. We would love a chance to speak with you about all our options available.