Standard Listings

T1 PPP/Monetization/ Small Cap Trade

Our firm works exclusively and directly with the Western EU Credit Suisse Bank Platform/and UK Platform Direct Intake Officer, and currently driving 1 Small-Cap Trading Program. The ROI is paid monthly on the PPP and reachess a 10% per mo x 10 mo = 100% Yield. Small-Cap Trading Program is paid weekly...

Looking for Joint Venture Opportunities

Looking for Joint Venture and private equity investment opportunities in the following spaces: Beer, Wine & Spirits (US Locations with a preference for SE United States) Casino and or Gaming Properties (US Locations) Marina Properties (Florida Only) Resort and Resort Development (Florida Only) Additional...

Alternative Small Business Loans

Alternative Small Business Loans

Same day funding, Simple Application, No minimum FICO, Term Loans, Line of Credit, SBA Loans, Equipment Financing, Franchise Financing $10,000 to $5 Million. You can request larger amounts

100% Project Funding in the World/Am Lender Agent

Loan Amount: $50M to 50B. Interest Rate; 3% annual. 100% Unsecured Loan. Grace Period: 3 months -2 Years. 10 Years Balloon Repayment Plan. Fund has Upfront fee of BANK Transmission & Processing fees. Lender + Fund Bank give Borrowers Refund Letter. Funding Duration: Within 20 days. Need Business...

Government Guaranteed Lending

Specializing in SBA 7(a) Loans & 504/USDA B&I Lending

Credit Line (Min USD 20M)

If your business is looking for help on raising capital we can help you. We are not providing loans, we provide help on raising capital through a creation of a credit line. In order to do so the business owner Must be willing to show proof of funds of USD20M or a 20% of the value of the project(s). To...

SBLC Funding Secure No Advance Fees

If you have the collateral get your bank to issue an SBLC that is contractually returned to you unencumbered and we still provide funding for your project. Minimum issuance size $5Mil. We provide long term low interest financing and your SBLC never gets cashed.

Equipment Leasing/Financing

Equipment Leasing/Financing

WHAT: Current business owners and startups can get approved for equipment leasing or financing in order to grow their business or replace broken equipment. HOW: Get financed for equipment in as little as 24hrs for non titled equipment and 5 days for titled. Simple credit qualification with 12 to...

We Finance Projects Worldwide

We Finance Projects Worldwide

Our firm is an independent, US-based company with a global outreach in project financing. Our firm finances government and privately promoted projects in every continent and in every sector. Additionally, Ethos provides capital to structure projects and restructure debt. Our firm has developed...

SBLC Purchase/Lease - No Upfront Fees Best Rates

SBLC Purchase/Lease - No Upfront Fees Best Rates

Direct Buyers Only SBLC Purchase Price: 32+2 36+2 38+2 42+2 SBLC Lease Price: 4+2 SBLC Issuing Banks: HSBC London; Lloyd etc Minimum SBLC Face Value: Euro/USD 25M Maximum SBLC Face Value: Euro/USD 100M SAMPLE TRANSACTION PROCEDURES TRANSACTION DESCRIPTION AND PROCEDURES: 1. Instrument: Standby...

Home Equity Cash Out/ No Payments for 30 Yrs.

Cash For Any Reason… Debt Consolidation, Savings, Vacation, Reserves, Investment, Home Improvement This is an "Early Reverse Mortgage". Cash-out at any age. Not a Loan. No Interest Rate. No New Debt & No Payments Ever. We Offer a "Home Equity Investment". - Receive cash out today for a share of equity...

Loans Against Accounts Receivables/Factoring

We are offering invoice factoring/accounts receivables factoring. Get access to your cash in days! Invoice financing is a way for businesses to borrow money against the amounts due from customers. Hassle free applications. Funding in days. The easiest way for a business to get quick funding.

Mezzanine or Preferred Equity Financing

Mezzanine or Preferred Equity Financing

Named for its place in the capital structure, mezzanine financing is a form of junior capital that sits between senior debt financing and equity, and is a means by which a borrower can access capital beyond what they're otherwise able to achieve on a senior basis. Mezzanine or Preferred Equity Financing...

Global Commercial Real Estate Financing

Commercial mortgage lending and secondary market purchases of loans that are secured by transitional and other types of niche properties across a variety of asset types: Office Industrial Retail Multifamily Hospitality Self-storage Condo inventory Land and select construction/development (including...

Raise MIllions - $2M Revenue Needed - Reg A+

Raise MIllions - $2M Revenue Needed - Reg A+

Raise up to $50M for your company. Reg A+ funding. New way to raise capital via the JOBS act. We have all the essential pieces in place. Cost is $60K for attorney/registration and $75K month (three months total) for digital marketing. Please contact us for more info. Audits needed on financials (avg...

Private Investment Bank Funding

Private Investment Bank funding available for most viable projects; including large project and high LTV financing. Funding Range: $500k to $1 Billion+.....for USA and most USA-friendly countries; also.... can potentially provide DEBT and Equity. The network we have developed over the last...

Immediate Cash Solutions

Immediate Cash Solutions

Our firm Purchases, JV Partnership's, or provides immediate cash loans for businesses and real estate under financial distress or experiencing cash flow shortages. We also provide acquisition funding for difficult deals. Please email brief overview or executive summary for 24 hour response!

Funding Through AI

We are a venture backed technology that enables borrowers to access A-I curated lenders in a mater of minutes.. Our platform has 9,000 +lending sources and is AI driven to match borrowers with up to 10 likely lenders. Our borrowers are seeing rates100-150 bases points better than what ...

Trucking Invoice Factoring USA & Canada

Trucking Invoice Factoring USA & Canada

Custom working capital solutions to commercial business across a wide range of industries, these solutions can be customized to meet the needs of companies in all stages of the business life cycle and during any economic conditions. • Line Size: $250,000 to $20,000,000 ...

Get Your Debt Restructured

Get you debt restructored and lower your monthly obligation and other fixed expenses. Lets talk on how to make your p/l look great and better cash flow

Financing Available

Financing Available

Quick question: Do you need some Working Capital this week for your business? We can pre-approve you inside 24 hours and have you funded in as little as 5 business days. We are here to provide the best financial solution to help grow your business to its full potential. Loans range from $5,000...

Do You Need DLC For Your Import and Export

I am direct to small banks that issue DLC, SBLC and BG for clients who are serious to fund their trades. importing and export All done securely ... we can close face to face message me

We Can Fund on Shore and Off Shore Construction

To $100,000,000. Plus business acquisitions.

Commercial & Investment Property Rates

The Federal Prime Rate is currently at 3.25%, with conventional and non-conforming (private loan) rates looking very competitive. If you are considering purchasing or refinancing a commercial, multifamily, or investment property, I'd be happy to go over some rates and loan programs with you. You...

Fund $130m Project for $75K via Trade Platform JV

Our affiliated Trading Platform (with trillion USD credit line assets) is both issuing, then immediately monetizing, using their own credit lines. A $200m Stand by Letter of Credit. The proceeds are then placed into the Trading Platform's own managed buy-sell contract. To on a fully capital protected...