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German Ltd with BAFIN Registration- Funds

German Ltd ( GmbH) with Registration(BAFIN- German Financial Regulator) as Fund Manager Management of Special AIF ( Alternative Investment Funds) 100MIO -500 MIO EURO 5 years old In Good Standing, Office Service, Bank Account

Casino offer: Casino for sale located on the bor

Casino offer: Casino for sale located on the border of the Czech Republic and Germany. The license is valid until 2035. Profit of 15 million euros per year.

260 mw Power Plant for Sale

We Offer: a Complete Gas Turbine Power Plant 260 mW only 500 hrs Running Time !! 50 hZ And its technical partners offer a particularly interesting gas turbine power plant at a special price. This power station, which was in a mint condition, was built to provide security for a neighboring nuclear...

ML/AI Platform For Sale

we launched a proprietary ML service which provides an alternative to existing technologies such as Tensorflow, e.g. time series forecasting. The technology is available on aws marketplace. We are looking for a buyer interested in an own AI platform or to complement existing offers.

German Fintech Company for Sale

The German Fintech company is licensed agent of a EU e-money Financial Institution, founded in 2015 and live since 2017. The fintech company offers the opening of private and corporate accounts with 2 diffrent dedicated IBAN`s and issuing of private and corporate prepaid Mastercards. Individuals...

Agricultural Plow Machine Factory for Sale / EU

This very innovative engineer driven company developed new types of plows to optimize agri output and soil quality. Outstanding results. Up to 100% equity is available. Outstanding product developments for vineyards, pineapple farms. Sales around € 1mn.