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FedEx CSA with Manager in the DFW Metroplex

FedEx CSA with nine trucks in the DFW Metroplex.

Five FedEx Home & Ground Delivery in Mississippi

FedEx Home & Ground Delivery 100% Overlap 5 Routes with 6 trucks.

FedEx CSA With Manager In Growing Market Of Texas

FedEx CSA with manager located in a highly desirable area of the growing DFW metroplex. This CSA has 11 to 12 trucks that go out each day and is approximately 60% overlapped.

ISP Compliant FedEx Ground & HD Routes

ISP compliant route system: this is the future of FedEx: combination Ground & HD routes complete overlapping services. 6,000 stops a week. 11 work areas, 10 delivery vans and 1 Bulk truck with experienced drivers and manager. Three zip codes in Palm Beach County, close proximity to the terminal. Seller...