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FedEx CSA with Manager in the DFW Metroplex

FedEx CSA with nine trucks in the DFW Metroplex.

FedEx CSA With Manager In Growing Market Of Texas

FedEx CSA with manager located in a highly desirable area of the growing DFW metroplex. This CSA has 11 to 12 trucks that go out each day and is approximately 60% overlapped.

Five FedEx Home & Ground Delivery in Mississippi

FedEx Home & Ground Delivery 100% Overlap 5 Routes with 6 trucks.

ISP Compliant FedEx Ground & HD Routes

ISP compliant route system: this is the future of FedEx: combination Ground & HD routes complete overlapping services. 6,000 stops a week. 11 work areas, 10 delivery vans and 1 Bulk truck with experienced drivers and manager. Three zip codes in Palm Beach County, close proximity to the terminal. Seller...